Woman wearing a blue mini corset cocktail dress

Modern Styles With Vintage Flair

Pulling off a Modern Renaissance dress from alana eve doesn’t require any extensive styling. This collection has been designed to give you that high-end look without a hassle. Choose any of these comfortable corset cocktail dresses and style them with glamorous accessories like layered necklaces, statement earrings, cuff bangles, strappy heels, and a vintage bag for an effortlessly chic look that you can flaunt at parties, date nights, and more. If you’re going for any of our Modern Renaissance tops, then check out our collection of sexy date night skirts!

Woman wearing a black cut-out mesh-sleeve top and black pants

Luxury Womenswear Designed In-House

The Modern Renaissance clothing collection is only one of the artistic feats achieved by our team of seasoned in-house designers. We have many more collections such as the Genesis Collection, Tuscan Summer Collection, and the Garden Rose Collection — each reflecting our commitment to timeless style, versatility, and impeccable craftsmanship. Shop our corset cocktail dresses or explore more to find unique women’s clothing that flatters your figure in all the right ways!